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How your donations help

The Abhayaratna Trust enables the Triratna Buddhist Order to take care of one another in times of financial hardship. Financial support can be vital when no longer able to work or support yourself, for example through illness, redundancy or retirement without a pension. 

We offer a trusted way to give to those in genuine need of support and where state and other help is not available. The grants we make are practical, immediate and beneficial to Dharma practice. Supporting the Trust also resources us to offer non-financial support in times of health and housing difficulties.

What you give to us, we give to 120 to 150 Triratna Buddhist Order members each year. So they can, for example:

  • attend retreats and solitary retreats

  • be at Triratna Order gatherings

  • pay for urgent living costs such as utility bills

  • cover relocation costs when retiring from Triratna institutions

  • travel to Adhisthana and other retreat centres

  • access money quickly in an emergency

  • basically furnish sheltered and other housing

  • pay for vital medical care or equipment

All that we do is made possible through the generosity of individuals in the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community

We use donations and legacies wisely. The Abhayaratna trustees make well informed grant decisions, based on the individual’s financial situation and the availability of other help, such as state and family support. 

Ways to give

Join us in taking care of one another 

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Bank processes all our online Direct Debits and Single Donations. Standing orders and cheques are sent to the Trust.


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Set up a standing order

You can download a Standing Order Form here if you prefer this method of regular giving.

Donate using PayPal

Donate from your PayPal account direct to our email address: 

Send a UK cheque

Post your cheque, payable to The Abhayaratna Trust, to: Flat 0/3, 37 Amisfield Street, Glasgow G20 8LB. Write the name of the appeal on the back unless it’s a donation to our Worldwide fund.

Make an international bank transfer

Please email Jinavamsa for our account details or donate via PayPal.


Increase your donation by 25% with Gift Aid

When making a donation online, please include Gift Aid, if you can, to increase your donation by a valuable 25%. 

If sending a UK cheque or donating by PayPal, please read the Gift Aid declaration below and let us know if it applies to your donation by emailing Jinavamsa or downloading the Gift Aid Declaration and emailing or posting it to us.

Gift Aid declaration:

‘I confirm I have paid or will pay UK Income Tax (including Capital Gains Tax but excluding VAT and Council Tax) for each tax year equal to or more than the amount donated to charities in each tax year (6 April to 5 April), and I understand Abhayaratna Trust (registered charity no. 1126494) will reclaim 25p tax on every £1 given on or after 5 April 2016.’

Tarahridaya with Sangharakshita
It was a very important, rich and valuable experience to attend Bhante’s funeral. It wasn’t possible without the Abhayaratna Trust’s support… many, many thanks for making it possible. That experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.
— Tarahridaya, one of Sangharakshita's last official visitors