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Making a Request

Are you a Triratna Order member unable to afford a retreat, solitary or certain living costs? If so, we could help…

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Here are some examples of grants we’ve made:

  • 250 Euros for a retreat

  • 154 pounds for utility bills

  • 450 pounds for a solitary retreat

  • 1764 Krona for retreat travel

  • 600 pounds for counselling sessions

  • 40 pounds travel FOR a house-sit solitary

  • 950 US Dollars for a convention and travel

  • 500 pounds emergency cash payment

  • 300 Euros for glasses and warm clothing

  • 180 pounds to travel to chapter meetings

  • 870 pounds to relocate to a Buddhist Right Livelihood

  • 8000 Krona to relocate and retire

  • 280 pounds for urgent medical travel

  • 3630 Pesos for travel to a convention

If you need more than 1,000 pounds, the abhayaratna trustees may suggest we run an appeal for you.

The last 30 plus years of my working life have been devoted to working within the Triratna Community. Now in my 60s, I find myself with little to no savings to fall back on.
When I left off living full time at Vajraloka Retreat Centre in 2017, the move into sheltered council housing entailed paying for furnishings and kitchen equipment and other expenses which I couldn’t afford. I did find asking for help difficult as I thought I could and should always be self-sufficient. However, the response to my request was warm, friendly, sympathetic and encouraging. I’m forever grateful.
— Bodhananda

To request a retreat, solitary retreat or Order event grant:

Apply online using the form below

Download and print the form

You can also contact Taradakini to make a request,
by phone +44 (0) 7857 351818, WhatsApp, or on Messenger, or
We can also post a form to you.

Your request will be acknowledged and then considered by our trustees, usually within 7 working days, or less in an emergency. 
If we haven’t acknowledged your initial contact within 5 days, please assume a technical glitch and phone or text +44 (0) 7857 351818

Please contact Taradakini for any of the following requests:

Living costs, health or housing matters.

If applying from India, Taradakini will forward your request to the Abhayaratna Trust India team to consider. 

Requesting support on behalf of a friend. If you can see an Order member in need of support, you can apply on their behalf with their permission, or simply alert us to their circumstances.

Phone/text: +44 (0) 7857 351818)