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Let love be your legacy 

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Including The Abhayaratna Trust in your will is a very effective expression of love, gratitude and care for the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Many Order Members, by dedicating their working lives to the Triratna Order and Community, have not been able to save for older age and times of illness or financial crisis. State benefits exist in some countries, but even those are not designed to help in a health or housing emergency or with funding a retreat, for example. Your legacy will mean we can enhance our response to these needs as they arise, and also secure the Trust’s support for the Order in future. Your legacy will have life-affirming and life-changing effects.

Dharmachari Abhayaratna’s legacy enabled the Trust to be founded, and legacies from Order members such as Manjusvara, Anjali and Jayamitra have been essential in helping us to expand how many Order members Abhayaratna Trust can help each year, and in our being resourced to offer non-financial help in health and housing difficulties. 

I was very inspired by Dharmachari Abhayaratna leaving all his money to help Order members. Having seen the huge difference even a small grant can make, I am happy I have left my money, after funeral expenses, to The Abhayaratna Trust.
— Dhammadinna

You can choose to leave The Abhayaratna Trust a specific sum or a proportion or your estate. 

Here is an example of wording you could include in your will: 

‘I give free of taxes as a charitable bequest [insert either a specific sum or a proportion of the residuary estate] to the Abhayaratna Trust, UK Registered Charity No 1126494, to be used as to both capital and income for the general purposes of the Abhayaratna Trust. I direct that the receipt of the Finance Secretary for the time being or other duly authorised officer shall be a full discharge to my executors.’

Include our website www.abhayaratnatrust.org’ for the most up-to-date contact details to be written into your will.

If your will is already written, you can consider adding a codicil. Codicil Example PDF

Thank you for considering including The Abhayaratna Trust in your will. Get in touch to discuss legacies and how a bequest from you could have a lasting impact on our work. Contact Taradakini    

Download our Make a Start on Your Will PDF


Listen to Satyadasa’s beginner’s guide to will making, introduced by Taradakini.

It’s an easy thing to defer, but people usually find that sorting out their will is a huge relief. Dying is a time of great spiritual potential according to the Buddhist tradition. Thinking through our affairs is part of the preparation.
— Satyadasa (David Waterston), Greengate Wills