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Performance: Heart of the Sorrow

At the area Order weekend in August at Ahisathana, Satyadaka and I put on a performance of Heart of the Sorrow on behalf of the Abhayaratna Trust; a song cycle on the myth of Orpheus, with narrative and some of Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus woven in, that emerged after I came across a fully strung harp that was abandoned and rotting on a pavement in Glasgow. Satyadaka read from his own translations of Rilke and played some lead guitar on Eurydice’s Death Song, with Satyalila on tambourine.

The songs and narrative are a re-interpretation of the myth, relating the story of Orpheus and his attempt to recover his bride Eurydice from the Underworld; the need for him to turn and face the impermanent and ungraspable nature of all things and find an opening of the heart that leads beyond sorrow.

Ninety seven people attended the performance, some people told me they were moved to tears, which was pleasing to hear, as it suggested that we had managed to communicate something of meaning. I am hoping it will be possible to perform these songs to Orpheus at various Buddhist centres. If interested do ask.


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