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‘Dharma is my contribution to the world…’

I've been doing it all my life and don't plan to stop. I don't charge for it (though institutions may charge independently). And I support myself through donations while I offer all I can through teaching, practising, writing and other Dharma activities.

I love the way this brings me into contact with many people in such an amazingly creative way. If you have appreciated what I do, please help me continue.

I am now 70, have a London freedom pass and £43 a week pension. Rent, council tax, internet, bills, clothes, teeth, glasses and food are £12,000 a year (pretty good for London). About £10,000 has to come from Dana.

My health feels OK, I’m fairly active, though I need to be — to keep my hypertension, chronic asthma and multiple sclerosis at bay! I am in the first year of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis which seems to be working well.

Full time I am a Dharma teacher. Part time, I contribute to the Triratna Preceptors College and lead retreats and study groups in UK, USA and Europe and work a lot at the West London Buddhist Centre. I'm KS Kamalashila on Facebook and you can find out more from Kamalashila.co.uk.

Can you help to support me? Small or large, your contribution will be very appreciated.
Love Kamalashila