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Frequently Asked Questions



How long does an application for dana help take?

The Trustees look at most support requests within 7-10 days. Certain types of requests are considered at Trustee Meetings, which happen quarterly.

In an urgent situation, please contact, as emergency and urgent requests can be considered at any time.

I have some savings; does that mean I can’t apply?

You can apply if you have modest savings. As a rough guideline, if you have more than £6,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies) of savings you may be asked for the reason these savings are not available to meet your Dana Request. Don’t be put off applying if you do have more than £6,000 savings. We may still be able to offer financial support.

Can I apply if I’m not older, sick or disabled?

Yes! Abhayaratna Trust is here for any Triratna Order members experiencing hardship.

I live outside the UK, can I apply?

Yes, we welcome applications from Order members living outside the UK. For Order members living in India, rather than considering individual applications, the Trust donates 20% of our grant budget to a fund set up with the Indian Order Convenors. This fund sponsors places for around 80 Dharmacharis and Dharmacharinis to go on retreat in India each year.

Should the money I receive from the Trust be declared if I’m receiving state benefits?

For those living in the UK and receiving a grant from the Abhayaratna Trust, our understanding is that if you are on a means tested benefit, you will need to declare this grant if it’s paid directly into your bank account and you have savings of £6,000 or over. Payments made to third parties on your behalf, for example directly to a utility company or retreat centre, do not need to be declared.

I practise with a different Buddhist tradition, can I apply?

Our Trust Deed Object is to support members of the Triratna Buddhist Order in need, and we cannot consider applications from other Buddhist traditions.



I’m considering putting The Abhayaratna Trust in my Will. What wording is needed?

Thank you very much for considering us. A suggested wording is: “I give free of taxes as a charitable bequest (insert either a specific sum or a percentage proportion of the residuary estate) to The Abhayaratna Trust, UK Registered Charity No 1126494 to be used as both capital and income for the general purposes of The Abhayaratna Trust. I direct that the receipt of the Finance Secretary for the time being or other duly authorised officer shall be a full discharge to my executors.”

The contact details to be written into the Will are: “The Abhayaratna Trust, c/o Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Road, Birmingham, B13 8AB. Website or as detailed on registered charity number 1126494.”

I want to become a regular supporter of The Abhayaratna Trust. How should I go about this?

That’s good news, thank you! You can download and print out a standing order form and send it to us (address details are on the form), or set up a recurring payment via PayPal by logging on here to give a regular donation. Alternatively, email your name and address to and we can email back our bank details or post you a standing order form.

What about gift aid? How do I know if my donation is eligible?

If you are a UK taxpayer of Income tax or Capital Gains tax (Council tax and VAT don’t count for gift aid purposes) and you earn more than you give away in a year, then you can either download a gift aid declaration and send it to us (address details are on the form), or you can email to send you an electronic Gift Aid declaration, that:

“I confirm I have paid or will pay UK Income Tax (including Capital Gains Tax but excluding VAT and Council Tax) for each tax year equal to or more than the amount donated to charities in each tax year (6 April to 5 April), and I understand The Abhayaratna Trust (reg no 1126494) will reclaim 25p tax on every £1 given on or after 5 April 2014.”

Once you have done this, there is no need to email or send us another form unless your circumstances change, and you are no longer paying enough Income/Capital Gains tax to cover your donations in the tax year, or your address changes.

How much does the Trust benefit from Gift Aid?

It means a lot to us if you make the Gift Aid declaration, as we can reclaim the tax back on your donation at the rate (currently) of 25p for each pound you give, or 37.5p if you are a higher rate taxpayer.