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Dhammadinna (Patron)

Dhammadinna (Patron)

“I am delighted to be the Patron of The Abhayaratna Trust. I think it is crucial that as an Order we can find ways to support Order members who are ill or who need financial help, especially in their old age. By doing this we express our gratitude for others in practical ways and work together as a compassionate community.”

Dhammadinna joined us as Patron in 2013. She was ordained in 1973 by Sangharakshita. She was secretary of the original North London Centre for a few years and then became overall Women’s Mitra convenor for seven years. Dhammadinna lived and worked around the LBC from 1982-1992, was on the council, taught at the Centre and lived in communities. In 1992 she left London to be part of the Tiratanaloka ordination retreat centre for women, involved in the fundraising and property search, and living at Tiratanaloka from 1994-2005. Dhammadinna became a private preceptor in 1996 and a Public Preceptor in 1998, is a College Member and the President of Tiratanaloka. She lives in a community near the London Buddhist Centre and is involved in various local activities.