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Appeal for Regular Donations

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In the last 6 months we have run four large and successful appeals to help individuals. But most of the Trust’s work is not visible in this way. More than 100 Order members worldwide are helped each year. This ranges from help to go on conventions to helping pay for practical day to day items. It is likely that a growing number of Order Members may find themselves in financial hardship.

When someone asks the Trust for help, unless it is a large amount perhaps for medical treatment, or a period of support, then the money would come from our general funds. This is why we need a large base of regular donors. Our job is to give money away to those in the Order that are in need. We have very limited resources but we aim to help create a culture of caring for each other within the Order. If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will consider making out a Standing Order, or setting up a regular payment to the Abhayaratna Trust and that after you have considered it you will do it. Thanks for all the help given already.



£2,000 target reached for Ajitasena Appeal

Posted on 7:31 am in Appeals | Comments Off on £2,000 target reached for Ajitasena Appeal

“Thanks to everyone who has helped, it’s a big relief.” (Ajitasena)


It is heartening to see the response to our appeals to help Order members who are struggling in one way or another. This is the fifth successful appeal run by the Abhayaratna Trust in the last few months. And the Order has responded each time, with donations and messages of well wishing and encouragement.  

Ajitasena’s hearing has been deteriorating for a number of years to the point where he lost confidence with being in groups such as his chapter and Order gatherings. He tried free National Health hearing aids but they didn’t work for his kind of hearing difficulty. Through the Order generously responding to this appeal, Ajitasena can afford the £2,000 needed for effective hearing aids that he was not in a financial position to pay for.
Thank you.