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Appeal for Kamalashila

Appeal for Kamalashila

Dear Friends,

The Abhayaratna Trust is appealing for £12,000 to support Kamalashila for the next two years. Please help if you can. 

I count myself as Kamalashila’s friend, so I am not unbiased, but I personally believe that without him, Triratna would not be as rich a context as it is in which to practice the Dharma.

Kamalashila has spent most of his adult life teaching, and practising to the depth that makes his teaching of such value. He set up the West London Buddhist Centre in 1976, and three years later helped found Vajraloka.

Kamalashila has given us one of the most useful books on meditation available. In 1985 he became the first Order member to give Public ordinations on behalf of Sangharakshita and has, until very recently, been leading retreats and study year on year in a schedule which would exhaust most people. Few who have experienced his teaching come away unaffected by his clarity and wisdom.

Now, after what he describes as ‘a minor health scare’ (he lost all sensation, though not movement, in his body from the chest down!), he has decided to take a two-year break from all teaching and responsibility; time for reflection and recuperation. Such a break seems absolutely necessary to me, especially as Kamalashila is approaching 70. Let’s support him to take this break.

Kamalashila has never charged for his teaching. Apart from donations, he is reliant on his state pension of £41.63 per week. 

You can help our extremely valued friend to meet his modest needs by making a regular or single donation, large or small, so that together we raise at least £12,000 to support him for the next 24 months.   

You can donate securely today by clicking on (select ‘Individual Appeal’ fund) using PayPal or a debit card.

Sending a (UK) cheque made payable to ‘The Abhayaratna Trust’ (please write ‘Kamalashila’ on the back) to Campbell McEwan (Jinavamsa), Abhayaratna Trust, 37 Amisfield Street (0/3), Glasgow, G20 8LB.

Donating directly to The Abhayaratna Trust, account number 00023681, sort code 40-52-40, reference ‘Kamalashila’.

All donations will be acknowledged, and if you have any questions about this appeal, including international bank transfers, please email

Thank you, Dharmavadana, WLBC Sangha and poetry Editor of ‘Urthona’ magazine

APPEAL UPDATE on 14 November: We have now raised over £8,000, so we are over halfway there. If you have been planning to donate, now is a good time and will be much appreciated! Thank you.