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Giving to the Abhayaratna Trust

IncenseThank you very much for considering donating to The Abhayaratna Trust. There are a variety of ways you can help Order members in need:

Making a one-off donation

If a regular commitment isn’t right for you, please consider making a one-off donation, of any amount, by PayPal:

Donate now

And you don’t need to have a PayPal account as there’s an option to use a debit or credit card. If you’d like to send something direct to our bank account or by cheque, please email for our details.

Becoming a regular supporter

No amount is too small, for example £5 or £10 a month:

Donate now

And regular donations are always especially welcome as they help us to extend our longer term visions and ability to help more and more Order members in need.

Make a difference today by setting up a standing order by PayPal click here or by bank transfer click here.

Please fill in the Gift Aid section so we can reclaim any tax you have paid on your donation if you are a UK taxpayer. (Just so you know, Income tax and Capital gains tax paid count; Council tax and VAT do not.)

Including The Abhayaratna Trust in your Will

Legacies can significantly increase our ability to help Order members in need around the world and are a very effective long term method of supporting the spiritual practice of the Order…

Thank you for considering this possibility and do get in touch with us if you wish to talk about legacies and how your bequest might be used. You can bequeath specify a specific sum, or a proportion of your estate.

Dharmachari Abhayaratna enabled the Trust to be founded, and Order members such as Manjusvara {link to his video testimonial, to follow before website goes live} have helped us to grow since we started in 2008.

Sample text for will

Below is a recommended form of words which your solicitor can include in your Will:

“I give free of taxes as a charitable bequest (either a specific sum or a proportion of the residuary estate) to the Abhayaratna Trust, UK Registered Charity No 1126494 to be used as to both capital and income for the general purposes of the Abhayaratna Trust. I direct that the receipt of the Finance Secretary for the time being or other duly authorised officer shall be a full discharge to my executors.” Contact details to be written into the Will: “Website (or see up-to-date details for The Abhayaratna Trust at using the registered number 1126494).”

You can download this wording here

Some general guidance about writing a Will

  • Appoint two executors (including someone who is good at administrative work, and maybe younger than you).
  • Have one of the executors a friend who really knows you and your connections.
  • Include a small gift or bequest for the executors – it’s a lot of work!
  • Make an allowance for the cost of your funeral – consider a pre-purchase deal which most undertakers offer.
  • Specify your wishes for your funeral. It is important to state that you wish to have a Buddhist Funeral, and to include the contact details of your local Centre. Your family has precedence and can arrange things their way unless you have stated your wishes. Funerals do not have to take place at a crematorium, and your friends and family may benefit from the lack of time pressure and spaciousness of another venue.
  • Keep the Will somewhere where it will be found. Have an ‘In The Event of My Death’ file, and tell your friends where to find it.
  • The Order Office can no longer hold Wills. Many people ask the solicitor who has helped to draw up your Will to hold a copy.