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Requesting Dana

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How to make a Dana Request

To request Dana from the Trust, we ask you to complete a short Dana Request Form so we have enough information to make a decision. This information is only seen by the Secretary and the current Trustees. You can download the Dana Request Form below or ask us to post one out to you. The Secretary can also complete a form with you over the phone. The Trustees take a look at the requests from individual Order Members when they meet, currently four times a year. In emergencies we consider Dana Requests outside these meetings. The next ‘deadline’ for forms to be received by the Secretary is 15 July 2014.

You can return your Dana Request Form by post or email – our contact details are on the form. If you have any questions or need help with this form, or want a Dana Request Form posted to you, email

Requesting Dana on behalf of a friend

Many Order members may not think of applying for help for themselves, but a good friend can see their need and apply on their behalf.

If you would like to apply on behalf of an Order friend, we will confirm with them that they are happy for you to do so, and that they want what is being requested. To apply on behalf of someone else, have a look at the Dana Request form and then email the Secretary –

Project grants (see also our Projects page)

The Trustees are keen to support or kickstart sangha projects which help a number of Order Members, especially in older age and sickness. We could, for example, provide funding for a feasibility study or other development costs. Please contact us with your ideas and plans or use the project grant form.

Dana Request guidelines

In the Dana Request Form we ask for enough information about your situation to enable the Trustees to make an informed decision. Your form is only read by the Trustees, whose names are listed on this website, and the Secretary, Taradakini.

There are four funding meetings a year, with an Dana Request deadline a week or so before each meeting. The ‘deadlines’ for requests to be submitted are elsewhere on this website and in Shabda. The Secretary will confirm that your request has been received, and contact you soon after the meeting with the Trustees’ decision.

We give Dana to support spiritual practice in times of hardship. Often this means paying for a retreat, a solitary retreat, or Order event, but we have also helped purchase disability equipment, hearing aids, a heater, medical travel and urgent living costs.

If you’re not sure if your need meets our criteria, please contact the Secretary.

Here are some examples of past Dana payments:

Amount Purpose
180 Support for a solitary retreat
200 Support for a retreat
460 Support for a retreat including travel
400 Support for a Buddhist life
487 Emergency support
505 Support for retreat and European Order weekend
765 Support to attend American Order Convention

In an emergency, the Trustees can consider a request for Dana outside their quarterly meetings. Please get in contact with the Secretary in this situation.

Did you know?

IndiaApplying to the Trust for Dana directly helps Order Members in India. How? Because 20 per cent of the total amount given to individuals outside India is set aside for distribution via The Abhayaratna Trust India Fund. This fund is dedicated to helping Dharmacharis and Dharmacharinis throughout India to go on retreat there.